Smoked brisket to leave Chipotle’s menu, breaking foodies’ hearts but not their pocketbooks



When Chipotle announced that it was adding Smoked Brisket to its menu, it set many a hearts aflutter as foodies rejoiced. However, now it’s time for heartbreak as the restaurant chain will soon be withdrawing it from its menu. Food lovers knew that it was temporary. So, they enjoyed every bit of it with gusto and are now getting ready to bid adieu to brisket till it appears once again in the future on the menu.

On a Thursday’s earnings call, Chipotle said that its brisket promotion would end in November. Generally, its limited time offerings are available throughout a quarter but this time it will be withdrawn before the end of the quarter.

On the call with financial analysts, CEO Brian Niccol also mentioned that the strong sales in brisket were a “direct result of degree response from the consumer” and that resulted in a boost to its third quarter sales.

Niccol also noted that they were happy with brisket sales and that they would probably offer it again to customers at “some point in the future.” He said that the chain was in the process of developing new and exciting items in their kitchen which would be launched in the future.

Chipotle had raised its menu prices as it had to raise the wages of its workers as well as due to a rise in the cost of ingredients. Despite the increase, the restaurant chain has done well in the third quarter. Revenues have grown by 22 percent to reach $2 billion. Restaurants that were open for at least 13 months also saw a 15 percent increase.

As foodies get ready to say goodbye to smoked brisket and say hello to the new items which they have been told will arrive on the menu soon, will they be fickle and transfer their taste buds away from the brisket or will they wait with longing hearts for the briskets to come back to their foodie journey? It need not necessarily be a choice and diehard foodies might just adopt all the food items temporarily whether it is smoked brisket or any other food item on the Chipotle menu that might appear in future.

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