Snapchat crashes worldwide and users cannot use their phones

Worldwide users have said that they are unable to use the popular photo sharing app Snapchat. The outage reportedly happened close to 06:50 ET, Wednesday and more than 14,000 users have already complained. Some users in the U.S. are able to use the app, as of now. Most of the users posted on Twitter that Snapchat was down. Many of them also went to Downdetector to report the outage.

Snapchat tweeted on their page that they were aware that some Snapchatters were having issues and said that they were looking into it. The Snapchat Support Twitter account also asked users to sent a DM with details and they would look into the matter. They also suggested that users should log out and log back in and refresh their connection.

When MailOnline asked the app for comment, they didn’t receive a response, to date.

According to the Daily Mail, Jake Moore, who is a cybersecurity expert, said that the problem was not due to a cyberattack but was mainly because of the increase in volume and scale as many social media sites were huge with billions of users logged in. Moore said that the impact and risk could be mitigated if these platforms spread their infrastructure measures across different internal platforms.

The cybersecurity expert also admitted that unfortunately “hindsight” was “a virtue with these platforms” that had “become so enormous.”

Last Monday, when Facebook and other apps including Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger were down for approximately six hours, Snapchat saw a 20 percent rise in users. The BBC said that the outage reportedly cost Mark Zuckerberg $6 billion.

After last week’s blackout, Instagram announced on Tuesday that it was testing a new alert feature. This feature would inform users when the app was down.


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