Stadia, Google’s Game-Streaming Service to Be Available On iPhone


 On Thursday, Google said that it would launch its Stadia game-streaming service for the iPhone. The exact date has not been given as yet but the company said that this will happen in the next few weeks.

 Google has been offering Stadia game-streaming services to Android phones, computers and TVs. Apple’s strict App Store rules prevented Google from offering these services to iPhone users in the past. Now this is set to change as the service can be streamed using the Safari browser on the iPhone.

 Game streaming is not exactly popular with gamers as of now but big tech companies including Nvidia, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft believe it is part of the future- if not the future itself.

 Stadia operates different from other games. Instead of providing a library of games for a monthly subscription, you can pay full price for each game, so there’s no need for a subscription fee. Stadia Pro is offered at $10 per month. It gives gamers higher quality streaming and a rotating number of free games.

 Google has adopted the strategy used by Amazon, Nvidia GeForce Now and Luna. It will stream the games using the Safari browser. So, each game needn’t be individually approved and published by the App Store, as per Apple’s rules.

 Source CNBC Tech

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