Starbucks adds new apple crisp macchiato to pumpkin spice latte on fall menu


Get ready for a new beverage experience as the leaves turn golden, brown and red. Starbucks is releasing is its autumn lineup, on Tuesday. It has a new addition in its seasonal lineup — the apple crisp macchiato which will join pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin cream cold brew that are already a part of the menu.


This year, the coffee chain has added an expresso drink to its cafes on Tuesday across the U.S. and Canada. Although the macchiato has been on its menu for more than forty years the apple crisp macchiato is a new version of the old much-loved beverage. It is made with apple and brown sugar flavors. It had a caramelized apple drizzle topping that is made using apple puree. It is served both hot and cold.


As per market research from Dataessential, Americans love apples. This favorite fruit appears as apple or as apple flavor in 58 percent of U.S. menus. When the research team at Starbucks was looking for new flavors beyond the quintessential pumpkin fall flavor, they zoomed in on spicy baked apple and thereby created the new apple crisp macchiato.


Dataessential trendologist Mike Kostyo told CNBC that fruit flavors lend themselves to both hot and cold beverages which is important when Starbucks and other coffee chains launch their fall menus.

The trend towards the consumption of cold beverages is changing and Starbucks customers have been  consuming more cold drinks throughout the year.


When Starbucks released its fiscal third quarter results, it reported that 74 percent of its total drink sales in the U.S. were attributed to cold beverages. The company has seen an over 7 percent rise in sales this year and its market value stands at $136 billion.


Last year, the pumpkin cream cold brew outsold the pumpkin spice latte. Cold beverages are becoming more popular throughout the year and a new seasonal beverage such as apple crisp macchiato, which can be consumed as either a hot or an iced beverage may follow the same trend. It remains to be seen whether Americans adopt the hot apple crisp macchiato in large numbers or continue recent trends by ordering more of its iced equivalent.

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