Study reports Johnson & Johnson vaccine has lower efficacy against Delta variant than Moderna or Pfizer


A new study suggests that the single dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is less effective in combating the delta variant of the coronavirus when compared with the two dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. This suggests that those who get a J & J jab should also take a booster shot in future.


According to the New York Times, lead author of the study Dr. Nathaniel Landau said that they wanted to show that the J & J vaccine required a booster shot to increase its efficacy in future. They didn’t not want to convey the message that people should not take the J & J vaccine.


The study has not been published in a scientific journal nor has it been peer reviewed. Researchers studied blood samples from 27 patients, 17 of whom had received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and 10 of whom had received the single dose J & J vaccine.


They concluded that antibody levels in those who had been vaccinated with the J & J were five to seven times lower after exposure to the delta variant and three times lower for Pfizer and Moderna when exposed to the same variant.


Astra Zeneca COVID vaccine, which is similar in composition to the J & J vaccine also produced similar results in a U.K. study that showed that it has a lower efficacy of 33 percent against the delta variant.


This recent study has come as yet another setback for Johnson and Johnson’s COVID vaccine. Earlier this year,  had to discard millions of doses due a mix-up in a manufacturing center in Maryland.


The company has been beset with problems. Last week, the FDA has added a warning on the J & J vaccine label after preliminary findings show that there were cases of Guillain-Barre, a rare autoimmune disease, after the one dose vaccine was administered.


In April a few women under the ages of 50 developed Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST), another rare condition where a blood clot is formed in the brain. This warning was also added to the J & J COVID vaccine label.


However, one fact has emerged through all research and real time studies and that is that all vaccines offer protection against COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations. About 0.5 percent of deaths due to the delta variant were among vaccinated people while 99.5 percent of the deaths due to COVID-19, specifically the delta variant, have been those persons whose were not vaccinated.


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