Survey finds two in three Republicans Down South and half of Democrats in the West support Secession


A new survey conducted by Bright Line Watch and published in the June 2021 edition of their Watch Survey Wave 15 Dataset showed that fault lines in ideology is still widely prevalent across the nation. It also showed that the divide is getting wider. When Joseph Biden became the President of the United States, the gap had somewhat diminished; however, it has widened six months into his first term. Former president Donald Trump has been factored in as a major cause for the division.


Bright Line Watch polled 2,750 respondents, divided the country into five groups if states were allowed to secede and reported the following results.




The number of Americans in the Pacific States who were in favor of secession was 39 percent. Earlier in January just after President Biden took the oath of office, only one in three Americans were in favor of seceding from the Union. About half of the Democrats were in favor of seceding from the Union.




One in three of people polled, which amounts to approximately 32 percent, said that they would support secession. In January only 28 percent were in favor of secession.




The Heartland polled slightly lower figures and 30 percent of them were in favor of secession whereas in the beginning of the year less than one in four or less than 25 percent backed breaking away from the Union.




One in three were in favor of seceding from the Union. About 34 percent were willing to break away of whom 40 percent were Democrats whereas in January 32 percent of the voters said that they would break away if possible.




Overall 44 percent of those who polled said that they were in favor of breaking away from the Union. This figure include two out of every three Republicans polled. The South reported that 33 percent were willing to secede from the rest of the country in January with half of the Republicans willing to secede from the union.


History shows that the last time a group of states tried to secede from the Union occurred a century and a half ago and resulted in the Civil War. Although there were many causes, the many reasons was the refusal to let go of slavery in the Southern States and the affirmation of the abolition of slavery in Northern States. Slavery was abolished after the war.

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