Taliban announces ‘amnesty’ for all, asks women to join in governance


On Tuesday, the Taliban who now calls itself the Islamic Emirate, declared a general “amnesty” for all across Afghanistan and asked women to join in governance. They are trying to give their citizens assurances, but the population is wary due to the past rule of the Taliban almost two decades ago. There is peace and calm in Kabul to a great extent but there is a stillness and a sense of foreboding as citizens still seem to be desperate to flee the nation.


Enamullah Samangani spoke on T.V. and placed an offer of amnesty. He also urged Afghan women to join the government. He said that the Islamic Emirate didn’t want women to be victims. He said that they should be a part of the government as per Shariah law. He did not explain the concept of Shariah law but said that “all sides should join” the government.


The Taliban is also trying to change its public image. Afghanistan’s largest private broadcaster aired an interview with a female reporter who interviewed a spokesman for the group. This could not have been possible under the earlier Taliban regime, which was known for its subjugation of women.


Kabul Airport is under American troops. A few flights of American, Indian, German, and Swiss evacuees have taken place. On Monday, chaotic scenes were viewed on television as people clung to planes in a desperation as they wished to flee the country. On Tuesday, there was an eerie calm as American troops were visible on the tarmac. The American Embassy in Kabul asked American to register before coming to the airport to get evacuated.


The Taliban is said to be in talks and negotiations with several Afghan officials including former president Hamid Karzai and Abdullah, a former head of the country’s negotiating council. President Ashraf Ghani had earlier fled the country. Russia, China, and Pakistan have acknowledged the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan.


Some markets, shops and offices have reopened in Kabul. The Taliban has told its fighters not to enter houses without permission and to protect “life, property and honor.” The Taliban is making a few changes when compared with its rule, almost twenty years ago. However, many Afghans and countries around the world remain skeptical.


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