Tesla marks record quarter delivering 241,300 electric vehicles, tops third quarter expectations

In the third quarter of the year, Tesla Inc. delivered 241,300 cars across the world. These numbers were much better than what was expected according to earlier forecasts. The number of cars delivered by the electric vehicle (EV) maker is under close scrutiny as it is considered to be an indicator of demand for EVs. It gives a picture of the number of consumers who are moving away from internal combustion vehicles to battery operated ones.

Analysts had estimated that Tesla could deliver 220,900 vehicles in the third quarter, according to the forecast by StreetAccount. However, on Saturday the company reported that the actual delivery was 241,300 electric vehicles.

The report also noted that the EV manufacturer produced 237, 823 cars in the quarter ending September 30 of the year. The report also said 228,82 vehicles were its more affordable Model 3 and Y cars, while 8,941 were its high end Model S and X cars.

A company statement also noted that their delivery count could be a little conservative as a car is conducted to be delivered only after it is transferred to the customer and all the paperwork is completed. Tesla also does not break down delivery numbers as per country (China, U.S.) or as per model.

Although there is a general shortage of chips in the market, Tesla sourced different semiconductors and rewrote software that was adaptable, so that the chips worked. Another factor that contributed to the higher than envisaged sales was the Chinese market which keeps growing.

Tesla is looking at higher production levels in the next few quarters as its huge factory in Austin, Texas will start rolling out a large number of electric vehicles. Another new plant, built outside Berlin in Germany is also expected to be operational soon. The Gigafactory is expected to ramp up the production of Model Y and boost European sales.

As the new factories become operational, quarter 4 deliveries are also set to increase. Some analysts predict that Tesla could deliver more than one million cars in 2021.

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