Texas-based abortion tracking website dropped by GoDaddy web-hosting company


GoDaddy, a popular web hosting company, released a statement on Friday saying that it had informed the website prolifewhistleblower.com that it had 24 hours to move to a  different service provider, according to a report by CNBC. The website had been created to enforce the recent six-week abortion ban that was enacted by the state of Texas.


In a statement, the company said that it had informed the website prolifewhistleblower.com that it had violated GoDaddy’s terms of service. It told the website that it had 24 hours to move to a different service provider. The website apparently violated the company’s policy that forbids the collection of personal identifiable data “without prior written consent.”


The group that owns the website, Texas Right to Life also tweeted saying that @GoDaddy wanted to cancel their website and said that it was “too bad for the mob.” It said that they would not be silenced and that anti-lifers hated them because they were winning.


A spokeswoman for the group released the statement which said that their IT team was already in the process of transferring their assets to another provider. It also said that the site would be restored within 24-48 hours and asked viewers to “Come back soon.” The anti-abortion website allowed people to submit tips anonymously.


In an interview with Newsy on Thursday, Elizabeth Graham, who is the vice president of Texas Right to Life, said that the group was not looking for information on women who have abortions. It started the website to collect tips on doctors who were violating the law and the tips could be anonymous.


Earlier, the New York Times had reported that TikTok and Reddit users had filled the website with fake reports, to protest against the harsh laws on abortion that were passed by the state of Texas. The recent law, passed on Wednesday, bans abortions after six weeks, effectively barring about 85 percent of those who seek the procedure.


It also allows the public to file lawsuits against service providers such as doctors, clinics, cab drivers and anyone else who aids and abets the women, though the women themselves are not sued. The public, who files the case, can also collect approximately $10,000 from the lawsuit. It also doesn’t allow those who become pregnant after been raped or from incest to get an abortion after six weeks. Medical exemptions are allowed only when a pregnant woman’s life is in danger.

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