The Cure for Dog Fleas

Dog fleas can be very irritating for your pet. You can make them go away by making sure that you give your pet the right medication. Simple as the case may be, you might need the help of a licensed veterinarian to aid in the treatment of dog fleas. To totally eliminate the problem, you have to take the fleas out before the females get the chance to lay eggs. Otherwise, the whole process will just start over again.

Unlike what most pet owners presume, fleas can’t be eradicated by regular bathing. While bathing can help greatly in the prevention of dog fleas, it alone won’t get rid of the parasites. You need a good flea control medication to revert the situation. More importantly, you have to focus on making your home flea-free. You have to disrupt the life cycle of these insects so their number will decrease. Eventually, your dog will be free from them.

The vet may prescribe certain products such as Imidacloprid, fenoxycarb, pyrethrins, fipronil, or any combination of these drugs to help get rid of dog fleas. Most of these synthetic products have the ability to kill adult fleas, including their eggs, in as fast as 48 hours.

Some are applied topically on the skin, be used as a bath, or administered orally. Whichever one your dog has to take, the right dosage can only be determined by the experts.

Most of the dog flea medicines can be dispensed only by the vet. As such, they can’t be bought over-the-counter. Because of this fact, it becomes necessary that you take your dog to the clinic for a consultation. This is needed so you can find the right treatment. Be very careful when buying dog flea medicines from sources other than the veterinarian’s office. While most of them may claim immediate relief, only the vet can truly prescribe which one is best for your pet. Anything that the vet recommends should work well with your dog.

Dog fleas can infect your other small pets around the house. However, you should be informed that you can’t give the flea medications for your dog to your other pets like cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, or ferrets. While the formulation may be good for your dog, it is not guaranteed to work in the same way with your other pets. To be perfectly sure, ask the veterinarian about it.

There are also several home remedies for dog fleas. Ask for clearance from the vet as to whether or not you can combine such remedies with the drugs they have prescribed. By doing so, you can be sure that your pet gets the best possible care and the fastest relief from the inconveniences that dog fleas may bring.

Dog fleas can be a common occurrence in dogs. Even so, you shouldn’t take the situation for granted. Dog fleas can be very harmful to your pet. They can cause a lot of other diseases and they may bring harm or damage to your dog.

Fleas prevention is always better than cure. Be sure to flea-proof your home before one of your household pets become infected.


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