Thousands of migrants, mainly from Haiti gathered near Del Rio bridge in Texas, face expulsion



On Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas came to Del Rio, Texas to deal with thousands of migrants who are camped under a bridge near the Texan town. He and his team of 400 agents and officers are working to move the migrants back to Haiti, their homeland.


On Thursday, thousands of migrants were crowding under a bridge situated outside the border town of Del Rio in Texas. This week, there has been a massive surge across the Rio Grande. It has not only overwhelmed migration authorities but has also delayed the processing of arrivals. Thousands of migrants are struggling under squalid conditions.


The U.S. Border Patrol said that agents had created a temporary staging area under the Del Rio International Bridge. Over 9,000 migrants, mainly of Haitian origin were being processed at the camp which had a few hundred people in the beginning of the week but had reached several thousand recently.


Authorities said that they were expecting more crossings as the Rio Grande is at ankle deep level making it easy to cross over. The location of Del Rio just across the river from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico had seen droves of migrants crossing over since spring as its remoteness makes it easy to cross over. False rumors that policies are changing or that cities have their own policies also lead to groups amassing and then crossing over.


Tiffany Burrow, who is the operations director for the Val Verde Humanitarian Border Coalition’s migrant respite center, fears that they would not have enough resources to cope with the surge. Conditions are poor at the camp as it ill equipped to cater to so many people.


At a press conference, Border Patrol Chief Raul L. Ortez said that approximately 3,300 migrants have been relocated to detention centers or planes. Three planes reached Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince on Sunday. The country said that it was expecting six flights to arrive on Tuesday. Authorities hope that the deportation will dissuade migrants from crossing over in future.

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