TikTok bans viral ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ after injuries, falls and ER visits

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On Friday morning, TikTok, users who were looking for the latest viral craze  called the ‘Milk Crate Challenge,’ were met with a “No results found” screen. The short video platform has banned the challenge after many people got hurt attempting or trying to attempt the dare. The popular but dangerous trend was banned after warnings of injuries came from concerned doctors and users.


What is the Milk Crate Challenge?


In case you neither have the time nor the inclination to follow the millions of short videos on TikTok, the Milk Crate Challenge was the latest summer viral video. People stacked up walls of milk crates in the shape of pyramids and walked over them. Many of those who took part in the challenge fell and injured themselves. The chance to go viral attracted many people but also resulted in many injuries.



As the craze to go viral and successfully climb the crates increased, several videos of the Milk Crate Challenge were posted on the popular app. People tried the ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ in their backyards, in parties including gender reveal parties. Most of these videos showed the participants crashing on the ground midway through the challenge.


Some of those who were injured had to rush to the ER in hospitals, straining hospitals further as surging COVID-19 cases due to the delta variant are already challenging medical personnel and hospitals. This prompted doctors, nurses, and other health workers to point out the dangerous nature as well as the foolishness of such challenges.


TikTok took a note of these issues and finally banned the challenge on its app, Friday. The app released a statement which said that TikTok prohibited content that promoted or glorified “dangerous acts.” It also said that they removed videos that showcased such acts and redirected users’ searches to their Community Guidelines to discourage such content.


The statement also said that TikTok encouraged everyone to exercise caution in their online and offline behavior.

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