Top Tech Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning hold the post promise in the upcoming technological revolutions, due to which investment in these areas has seen exponential growth. Each sector is investing in AI (Artificial intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to stay ahead of its rivals and to provide better customer services with automated processes and techniques.

Here’s how the tech giants are investing in AI and ML to provide enhanced products and services to their customers:

  1. Nvidia

The chipmaker has invested heavily into AI to pursue its aim to power the technology in the future. AI requires more comprehensive computational power, and so Nvidia is putting it all in new chip designs that are imperative for AI to work smoothly. It is already the leading investor in robotics, automotive, healthcare and construction.

  1. Google

AI and ML play a pivotal role in Google’s strategy for growth who’s looking to change the perspective from ‘mobile-first’ to AI-first’ all over the world. Google bought an AI startup in 2014 for a whopping $400million, and that startup has been used to defeat champion game players of ‘Go” and to improve healthcare. It has also made it ML system ‘TensorFlow’ free for all and launched a new project in 2017 to study how people interact with AI systems.

  1. Intel

Intel has made a significant investment in 14 startups that amount to a total of $117 million, all of which are establishing AI platforms. They are focused on developing a hardware solution that will deliver what the customer needs in an AI-empowered world.


  1. Amazon

Amazon incorporates AI in some form, whether it’s their robots in the warehouse or their recommendation engine. The intelligent voice assistant Alexa uses neural networks to process language and respond appropriately. It has also launched an AI-powered shop in Seattle called Amazon Go. Amazon has invested in ML and brought it to AWS (Amazon Web Services) where customers can use it to build conversational interfaces, comprehend insights and relationships in text or build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale.

These don’t even scratch the surface when talking about the investments being made in AI and ML by the technological big-leagues. The future holds for stocks making investments in this technology.

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