Treating your Dog’s Dry and Scaly Skin at Home

There are certain diseases that dogs might suffer from but their owners might rarely consider these problems in their canine. Skin problems are very common in dogs and they might result in severe complications if not dealt with thoroughly and at the earliest. There are various types of skin diseases that a dog might suffer from. Some of the simplest skin diseases in dogs are related to allergies. Any form of food allergy, flea or inhalant might create an issue with dog skin resulting in hot spots, biting marks and dryness. This immediately calls for a visit to the veterinarian for determining the real cause o the issue.

Dry Skin on Dogs

Dry Skin On Dogs might appear like a very simple problem but it can result in numerous uncomfortable health problems in dogs. Excess dryness of dog skin results in excess loss of hair, skin damage and pain in certain sensitive areas of the dog’s body. Skin dryness can also create some areas prone to hot spots and can result in other skin problems and infections that require immediate treatment. If you have your dog suffering from dry skin, try using a moisturizing shampoo for your dog. The shampoo will help in restoring oils to its coat and at the same time it will also help in keeping the dog skin from drying out excessively. Use a humidifier in your house to avoid your dog from getting excessively dry.

Treating your Dog’s Dry and Scaly Skin at Home

Dogs in common, suffer from scaly, itchy and dry skin and there are some long-accepted home remedies that can work well for your dog. These home remedies will definitely work and they will save a lot of the vet bills that you would otherwise have to pay. Some of the best home remedies for dry and scaly skin on dogs have been detailed below:

Less Bathing

One month is the approx frequency of bathing a dog and this is completely dependent on how neat and clean you are able to keep your dog. If you happen to live at a place with dry climate or if the air is very dry in your heated house then try experimenting with long intervals between dog baths. This helps in avoiding dry skin in dogs and also keeps a dog healthy and fine.

A Good Quality Shampoo

Always go for a hypoallergenic shampoo for your pet irrespective of the fact that whether your dog is allergic or not. The shampoo that you choose should not only be hypoallergenic but it should also be of high quality. Always remember that good products are soothing and mild and they will not contain perfumes and dyes. It is to be noted that products containing perfumes and dyes sometimes cause itching and dryness in dog’s skin. You can even ask your veterinarian to suggest a good brand of dog shampoo.


If the brand of dog shampoo that you use for your dog does not contain conditioner then you need to purchase it separately from any reputable store. Good and high quality conditioners for dogs should contain aloe vera, essential oils, shea butter and vitamin E. vitamin E and aloe vera possess antiseptic properties, essential oils are for repelling numerous insects and shea butter is for treating inflamed patches found on dry skin.

Proper Food

You need to consider the food that you are giving to your dog if your dog scratches more than usual and most importantly if your dog does not have fleas. Try making some minor changes to your dog’s diet in order to get its coat back to its former un-itchy and moist luster. Take the help of a pet-food expert who can recommend you on the best food for your dog. Feed your dog with more meat like de-boned chicken along with vegetables like pea and carrots in place of the cheap ingredients like corn, wheat and rice. If a diet change is not able to relieve your dog of dry skin, visit a veterinarian who will then check your dog for food allergies.

Two Most Important Things


First of all, ensure that your dog drinks plenty of water that will help the dog in staying hydrated. Next, use a good quality moisturizing cream for protecting your dog’s skin from the effects of wind and cold weather.

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