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The Tour de France Is Going Virtual, and It Starts

  The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do things, big-time. The events, places, and activities we were used to enjoying have been...Read more

Scientists 3D Printed Ears Inside Living Mice Usin

By Shelly Fan  - Jun 09, 2020 Tissue engineering just got wilder and weirder. Using nothing but...Read more

Microsoft’s Wild New Project Puts Servers at the

Last week, a few miles off the northern coast of Scotland, a cylinder the size of a shipping container was carefully lowered to the bottom of the...Read more

A Chinese Startup Is Selling Glasses for Virus Det

When will lockdowns end, and what will life be like when they do? These are the questions on most of our minds today; we’ve accepted that even...Read more

Will Cultured Bacon Be Delicious? A Dutch Startup

  The food chain has always worked roughly like this: sunlight feeds plants. Plants feed insects. Insects and plants feed animals. Plants and...Read more

Ex-Beverly Hills Stockbroker Sentenced to 6 Years

Ex-Beverly Hills Stockbroker Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Role in $215 Million Portfolio-Pumping Stock Manipulation Scheme...Read more

Your Personal Data Is Worth Money. Andrew Yang Wan

By Vanessa Bates Ramirez  Jun 28, 2020 Contact tracing has been a somewhat controversial tool for fighting...Read more

Why Bitcoin Will Be Crucial in Our Cashless Future

  By Singularity Hub Staff  - Jun 27, 2020 Cold, hard cash is king. But maybe not much longer. In...Read more

A new anti-platelet drug shows potential for treat

Cardiovascular disease is the leading source of death worldwide. PM Images / Getty Images Xiaoping Du, University of Illinois at Chicago Clots...Read more

Kids’ school schedules have never matched pa

Logging into school on the couch can make homelife more topsy-turvy. Cavan Images/Getty Images Taryn Morrissey, American University School of...Read more

How ‘good’ does a COVID-19 coronavirus

The lower the vaccine’s effectiveness, the more likely social distancing in some form may still be necessary. Gopixa via Getty Images Bruce Y....Read more

Wells Fargo Cuts Dividend Among a $2.4 Billion Los

  Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) posted a deeper  expected second-quarter loss than expected. Losses were wider  due to the COVID-19...Read more

Is bar soap as gross as millennials say? Not reall

One thing everyone agrees on: Hand-washing helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Getty Images / Isabel Pavia Michelle Sconce Massaquoi,...Read more

While coronavirus cases spike in the South, the No

Face masks and social distancing have become the norm in New York City. Noam Galai/Getty Images Taison Bell, University of Virginia...Read more

Billionaire ‘Gucci Master’ Ray Hushpuppie

Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Central District of California FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, July 3, 2020...Read more

China Sanctions Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

China will sanction U.S. officials including Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz over efforts to punish Beijing for human-rights abuses in Xinjiang...Read more

Thinking about working from home long-term? 3 ways

Shutterstock Carol T Kulik, University of South Australia and Ruchi Sinha, University of South Australia The coronavirus pandemic has...Read more

While we wait for a coronavirus vaccine, eating we

Shutterstock Julia J Rucklidge, University of Canterbury and Grant Schofield, Auckland University of Technology Social distancing may remain...Read more

Gut health: does exercise change your microbiome?

Exercise is good for your gut bacteria too. CREATISTA/ Shutterstock Rachael Rigby, Lancaster University and Karen Wright, Lancaster University...Read more

Hockney’s ’30 Sunflowers’ Nears

On day five of Sotheby's Hong Kong Spring Auction week, the Contemporary Art Evening Sale continued the tremendous momentum for the sale series,...Read more

Back pain: four ways to fix bad lockdown posture

The advice we give to astronauts can be helpful to people working from home. NASA Johnson/flickr, CC BY-NC Andrew Winnard, Northumbria...Read more