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Remdesivir Corona Virus Drug Reports 62% Reduction

  Gilead Sciences Inc GILD:NASDAQ  rose 2.1% after for the Coronavirus treatment candidate drug, Remdesivir. The drug reported an...Read more

Millennials drive for 8% fewer trips than older ge

Millennials are less likely to drive than older generations. John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images Tom Lyon, University of Michigan; A. Wren...Read more

Heading back to the gym? Here’s how you can

Shutterstock Brett Mitchell, University of Newcastle and Philip Russo, Monash University With coronavirus restrictions gradually lifting...Read more

Buy or Sell Bank of America?

    Bank of America Corp NYSE. (BAC) reports earnings on July 16 for Q2 FY 2020. Bank of America’s net interest margin is...Read more

Money buys even more happiness than it used to

Don’t listen to the old adage. PonyWang/Getty Images Jean Twenge, San Diego State University Many factors determine happiness, but one has...Read more

Joe Wicks got children moving – how to keep them

Stanley Windsor, Loughborough University When parents in the UK were suddenly forced to become teachers to their kids in lockdown, physical...Read more

Gold Reaches $1800 Investors Move To Safe Havens A

  Gold reached  $1,800. Today’s price is the highest since  2011. Gold is rising because people are looking to rush to safe haven...Read more

Nikola Motor Company Surge On JP Morgan Upgrades-

JP Morgan analyst Paul Coster has upgraded NASDAQ: NKLA stock too overweight. He formerly had a neutral rating on the stock. The stock has risen...Read more

Brooks Brothers Goes Bankrupt

Brooks Brothers are looking for a buyer as it goes through BK reorganization. It’s closed 51 of the 250. Brooks Brothers of 500 stores...Read more

Why are scientists trying to manufacture organs in

This Bioculture System will let biologists learn about how space impacts human health by studying cells grown in the microgravity environment of...Read more

Corporate activism is more than a marketing gimmic

A ‘Black Lives Matter’ billboard hangs above a Modell’s in New York. Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images Cory Maks-Solomon, George...Read more

The United States Government is looking at banning

Days after India banned 59 Chinese apps, the US said that it is ‘looking’ at banning Chinese social media apps too. In an interview with Fox...Read more

COVID-19: As offices reopen, here’s what to

A brave new world. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Elizabeth C. Tippett, University of Oregon If you’re among the tens of millions of people...Read more

Why does crowd noise matter?

Why does crowd noise matter? Alex Russell, CQUniversity Australia Sporting codes are restarting as part of easing restrictions amid the...Read more

Amazon Stock Explodes to Over $3,000, Inc. (AMZN) Nasdaq has reached new highs. With a market cap of Market Cap $1.504T, Amazon has widely benefited from the recent global...Read more

Uber Buys Food Delivery Service Postmates for $2.6

Uber Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: UBER) and Postmates Inc. today announced that they have reached a definitive agreement under which Uber will...Read more

Lessons from the 1918 pandemic: A U.S. city’

A list of rules from the U.S. Public Health Service in 1918 to reduce the chances of contracting or spreading the devastating flu pandemic. Getty...Read more

Every dog has its day, but it’s not the Four

Dogs often react with great fear to July 4th celebrations. Border collies such as this dog are especially sensitive to loud noises. Leigh...Read more

Don’t expect Biden’s VP pick to make o

Joe Biden removes a face mask before speaking at a Delaware rally on June 30. AP Photo/Patrick Semansky Christopher Devine, University of Dayton...Read more

Why some Americans seem more ‘American’

Lofty egalitarian notions of citizenship don’t always hold up. AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall Katherine Kinzler, University of Chicago In the...Read more

Nearly 3 in 4 US moms were in the workforce before

Schooling at home is hard for all parents, including teleworkers. Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Joya Misra, University of...Read more