US Global Approval Soars to 49% under Biden despite Afghan withdrawal, was 30% under Trump


According to a Gallup poll report that was released on Tuesday, and reported by the Daily Mail, approval of U.S. leadership in 46 countries and territories, under President Joe Biden was 49 percent. The approval stood at 30 percent at the end of former president Donald Trump’s presidency.

Earlier in 2009, when President Barack Obama was in his first term in office his approval was 49 percent. It remained in the forties during both terms in office. When President Trump assumed office, America’s global approval rating fell to 30 percent. The highest approval during his term in office was 33 percent in 2019.

When Trump left office, his global disapproval was at 44 percent and although it is almost a year since he has left office, the number is still high at 36 percent.

Trump had been viewed unfavorably for
pulling the nation out of the Paris climate accord
for his stance on the Iran nuclear deal
for his disparaging comments on NATO
for telling allies that they had to pay more for defense.

Although President Biden was viewed unfavorably for the recent chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, he rejoined the Paris climate accord on the first day of office and this was viewed favorably. He also renewed friendly ties with Europe which saw his ratings soar. His points drastically increased in countries in European Union such as Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden where his ratings crossed 40 percent.

According to the Daily Mail report, the U.S. also saw higher ratings among its Group of Seven members. The G7 gave the following ratings:

Canada—38 points
Germany—36 points
The U.K.—30 points
Italy—22 points
France—18 points
Japan—11 points.

Only three countries: Russia, Serbia and Benin viewed the current leadership more negatively.


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