Vaccinated Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto urges viewers to get vaccinated as he survives breakthrough COVID


Although Neil Cavuto of Fox News had already been fully vaccinated, he suffered from Breakthrough COVID. In a statement to Fox News, on Tuesday, he asked everyone to get vaccinated for themselves and for everyone around them. On Tuesday, CNN host John King also urged people to “man up or shut up” about getting the vaccine. Both these journalists are immunocompromised and acknowledged the protection offered by vaccines.

Anchor Cavuto came to know that he tested positive after he finished his episode of “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” on Monday. He was not on air, on Tuesday. He stated that although he was surprised that he got a breakthrough infection of COVID-19, doctors had told him that he was lucky. They said that he would have been in a “far more dire situation” had he not been vaccinated, because of his “medical issues.”

The host of “Cavuto Live” on Fox News also said that he hoped that “anyone” and “everyone” got a clear message that he was “surviving” Covid because he was vaccinated. He asked everyone to get vaccinated for themselves and for everyone around them.

The “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” host on Fox Business Network had open heart surgery in 2016. Earlier in 1997, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. However, his major health issues began in the eighties when he underwent treatment for cancer.

On Tuesday, CNN’s John King also made a major revelation live on his “Inside Politics” show. The 58-year old host said that he was “immunocompromised” and that he had “multiple sclerosis.” He urged “people to man up or shut up” about getting the vaccine.

He said that he was grateful that his co-workers at CNN were vaccinated as he was worried about passing on COVID-19 to his 10-year old son, who couldn’t get vaccinated. He also said that although he didn’t like the government or his boss telling him what to do, “in this case it’s important.”


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