Video of Tucker Carlson confronted at Montana store: Man says, ‘You Are The Worst Human Being’

Credit Instagram Dan Bailey


On Friday night, when Tucker Carlson was at a sporting goods store, he was confronted by a man who called out “You are the worst human being known to mankind. I want you to know that.” Dan Bailey, a local fly fishing guide, saw the Fox News host and told him in no uncertain terms his opinion about the host. This incident took place in Livingston, Montana as reported by HuffPost.


Bailey posted the video on his Instagram page after the encounter. He also captioned the video saying that it was not every day that a person gets an opportunity to tell another person that they were the worst person in the world and really mean what they say. He also called him an “a*****e.”



Bailey also said that the man (Tucker Carlson) had killed many with vaccine misinformation and that he had supported extreme racism. He also said that he was a “fascist” and that he had done more to tear apart the nation than anyone else who called themselves “American.”


In the video, Carlson appeared to be holding his hand up against Bailey’s chest. He appeared to grimace but then smiled as he realized that he was being filmed.


Tucker Carlson host of the show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” since 2016 on Fox News continues to peddle false information about vaccines across the nation. Despite the spread of the Delta variant, which spread very easily among the vaccinated, TV hosts and influencers continue to spread false information through different types of social media.


The video was filmed inside Don Bailey’s Fly Shop. However, the store does not have any affiliation with the man who filmed the video. According to a statement on the store’s website, posted by store owner Dan Sexton, the man who confronted Carlson was coincidentally called Dan Bailey is a local resident. They said that the Tucker Carlson was affronted while shopping at Dan Bailey’s Outdoor Company and that their founder Dan Bailey passed away in 1982. They said that their staff was professional and cordial to Mr. Carlson as they were with all their customers.


Recently, a right wing radio host Phil Valentine, changed his opinion about vaccines after he was hospitalized and is struggling to recover from COVID-19. Phil’s brother publicly said that he had taken a COVID-19 vaccine after seeing his brother’s suffering and urged everyone to get vaccinated.


Tucker Carlson has spread a lot of false information about vaccines but refuses to answer whether he has been vaccinated. Unfortunately, those who follow him believe him as he spreads false information that might rival the spread of the delta variant considering the immense popularity of his show.


Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey recently blamed the unvaccinated for spreading the highly transmissible delta variant of COVID-19 across the state. When will the anti-vaxx popular host and influencers realize the damage they are doing remains to be seen? Sadly, it might been similar to that which happened with Phil Valentine as only when the infection strikes home or close to home that “anti-vaxxers” realize the importance of COVID-19 vaccines.

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