Walmart+ members to get early access to early November Black Friday deals

In a bid to boost its Walmart+ numbers, the big box retailer has said that its membership customers will get early access to its Black Friday deals, according to a report by CNBC. These deals are expected to be available, early November. The retail giant wishes to use early access all the more currently as consumers are worried about out-of-stocks due to supply chain problems facing the nation as well as the world.

Customers are already saying that a few products are not available online or in-store. A holiday shopping survey of 1,500 U.S. consumers by Accenture, in August, reported that about 34 percent of the consumers surveyed were worried about stock availability. They also said that they were concerned that they would not be able to buy what they wanted or needed this holiday season.

About one third of the consumers also said that they were planning to shop earlier this year. The survey also showed that 26 percent of the consumers said that they had seen more items out-of-stocks when they shopped online with other retailers but not Walmart. Walmart has all the products in stock without any empty shelfs like other retailers.

Although Walmart has not released figures of its Walmart+ subscribers, in September Deutsche Bank said that the number of households who subscribe to this program could roughly be 32 million households according to its consumer surveys that are conducted every month.

Walmart+ customers will be able to access Black Friday deals four hours earlier than the rest of the shoppers. The deals will be stretched out, this year as well in November, just like it did in last year’s holiday season deals.

The big box retailer has termed this event as Black Friday Deals for Days. It will consist of three events and feature different items so that consumers can pick up gifts for all age groups in several different categories. The first deal will start on November 3 on its website and on November 5 in-store.

Walmart is the first big retailer to offer early access to those consumers who sign up for its Walmart+ paid subscription.  

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