Want to work for Google and have no degree?


Why you don’t need a college degree to work for Google.

Google announced a new online certification program. The courses that lead to a certificate are led by Google employees The certificates are available on Coursera.com for  as low as $49.00. No college degree required to work in some of Google’s available jobs. Certificates can be completed between three and six months. Google will consider a completed certificate in data analytics, user experience design (UX), and product management as the equivalent of a four-year degree.

While these certificates can certainly help get you hired at Google, other companies such as Best Buy, Bank of America, Walmart, Intel, Sprint, Hulu, and Sam’s Club are recognizing the Google certificate program to hire employees. 100,000 scholarships for individuals are offered to  enrolled students who participate in the program on a need-by- need basis.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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