Warren says that California Gov. Newsom recall vote tied to Trump Republicans



Massachusetts Senator Warren has come out in support of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom in an ad campaign against the recall. She says that Trump Republicans were responsible for the gubernatorial recall and asked voters to protect democracy by voting “no.” She has already raised her voice in the recall in the past on social media and signed on Newsom’s campaign initiatives.


In the ad spot which will air three weeks before ballots reach mailboxes of California’s voters, Warren hits out at Trump Republicans who she says have attacked election results as well as the right to vote throughout the nation. She indicated that they were coming after California next. She urged Californians to vote “No.” After passing voter restrictions bills mainly in GOP dominated southern states, it looks like the Republican are now gunning for California with this recall effort.


Warren’s appearance in support of Newsom in her home state indicates the importance of the recall at a national level. It also underlines the unenthusiastic Democratic voter who may not vote or put in  ballot in support of Newsom unlike rival Republicans whose motivation is palpable.


A new poll conducted on Tuesday by Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and the Los Angeles Times found that the recall vote is almost tied, and Newsom has a narrow 3-point margin. About 50 percent of those who were polled said that they would retain the governor while 47 percent were in favor of replacing him.


The Los Angeles Times gives Newsom a better gap at 51-36 among all registered voters. The agency co-sponsored the vote. Although California is a largely Democratic state, voters have to be motivated to participate in the September 14 electorate and currently majority of the state’s voters are in apathy


It is a fact that there is huge enthusiasm among the Republicans, who have worked hard to get the recall in the first place and to drum up support from its base to vote “yes” to the recall. They are extremely motivated to vote unlike the Democrats. This could put the recall vote in “striking distance” according to IGS Poll Director Mark Di Camillio. If Warren’s message motivates the Democrats to vote in large numbers, then the recall would no longer be in striking distance.

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