Watch: Celebrity Mark Wahlberg posts shirtless video to promote workout and clothing brand, buff body impresses

Image Source Mark Wahlberg Wikimedia

Celebrity Mark Wahlberg recently posted a video where he was shirtless. He was promoting the fitness company F45 training as well as his sports clothing brand Municipal. In the video, on social media, the 51-year old Hollywood star almost made it look easy for middle aged men to get a buff body like his. He also promoted a golf shirt from his clothing brand with his long term business partner and spoke of its multifunctional uses.

The celebrity star of The Departed, who impressed fans with his fit upper body and abs, posted the video on Instagram. He has been working with F45 Training and promoted the company’s gym services in the video.

He also promoted his own sporting gear brand called Municipal, in the video. He stood next to a weight machine, shirtless and displayed his perfect six pack as well as his muscled arms. Within seconds, Wahlberg wore a golf shirt and said that he had just played the game as well as had a pre-workout.



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