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Watch: Celebrity model Elizabeth Pipko launches crypto Holocaust remembrance campaign to counter celebrity Kanye West’s antisemitic remarks

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Celebrity model Elizabeth Pipko, recently announced that she has launched a unique crypto global Holocaust campaign. It is called Lest We Forget and is an attempt to educate people about the horrors of the Holocaust after Kanye West spewed a lot of antisemitic remarks online. The 27-year-old activist said that people could share artifacts or memories related to the horrific event that took place roughly eight decades ago.

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The celebrity who has modeled for Maxim has two domain names EducateKanye and EducateYe to launch the campaign against antisemitism. Although Pipko is concerned about the impact of Kanye West’s words, especially as he has a large fan base, she also wants to educate young people, in general, as they are unaware about the horrors of the Holocaust.

Although Kanye West has been quiet in the recent weeks, he has spewed a lot of hatred against the Jewish community, in the recent past. He has not only passed antisemitic remarks but has also said that he liked the Nazis as well as Hitler.

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A post shared by Elizabeth Pipko (@elizabethpipko)

Kanye West had appeared on InfoWars hosted by Alex Jones, where he spoke of his liking for the Nazis. He has also been seen in the company of Nick Fuentes, who is a known white supremacist.

Being an extremely popular rapper, people are worried that his antisemitism might affect his young fan base. Pipko mentioned that she had been a fan of Ye, as he is now called, before he spewed antisemitic remarks.

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Pipko is the daughter of Jewish immigrants, who came to the nation from what was called Soviet Union. She said that her parents educated her about her roots as well as her Jewish ancestry. She feels that teenagers do not know about the horrors of the holocaust. She wishes to educate them about this dark chapter in history with her campaign Lest We Forget.


According to police, the attacker yelled ‘Kanye 2024’ after an alleged antisemitic assault in New York.

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