Watch legendary climber Alex Honnold and Mark Zuckerberg in Horizon Home with Quest v41 update, invite friends and more

So you have always dreamt of meeting the legend Alex Honnold. Now, you can put on the Quest 2 headset and meet the legendary climber in the new Horizon Home. It has been launched with Quest v41 and lets you bring social presence to your home when you use the headset. Fans can watch Alex’s 360 film “The Soloist VR” using the headset. Enjoy the experience of him taking you up 1000 feet, free climbing the Southern Limestone Alps, also known as the Dolomites.




Hang out with friends, invite them to watch videos together or use apps straight form your home. You have a wide choice of activities at Horizon Home, your “home away from home.” The Quest 2 headset’s new update Horizon Home is a social platform with impressive pre-made options including a space station for lovers of Sci-Fi to a Japanese inn for travelers as well as a patio that overlooks a sunset on the mountains for nature lovers.

If you are concerned about safety features, a Meta spokesperson told Tech Crunch that “Party leaders can unilaterally remove guests from both the Party and Meta Horizon Home.” All users can use block-option or submit a report. Guests can exit with a single click to disconnect from voice chat and the general environment.

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