Watch: Netflix releases trailer of Ana de Armas transformed to celebrity icon Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

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On Thursday, the first official trailer of the much awaited Netflix film Blonde was released and it didn’t disappoint. Talented celebrity actress Ana de Armas has successfully transformed herself to portray the iconic American bombshell Marilyn Monroe in the film titled “Blonde.” The film has a NC-17 rating. It has been directed by Andrew Dominik and most of the preview is in black and white.

The trailer shows the story of Norma Jean whose identity gets lost as she becomes the popular Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe who not only has hit films such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Some Like It Hot but also became famous as a popular pinup girl.

In the trailer, Marilyn, superbly portrayed by Ana right down to the breathy voice, speaks to “The Athlete” who is her second husband Joe DiMaggio in the trailer. The role is played by Bobby Cannavale. She says that she just couldn’t get used to living under the harsh spotlight.

Ana’s Marilyn also said in the trailer that she was tired of the persona she had been playing and said, “I can’t face doing another scene with Marilyn Monroe” just after a clip that showed her screaming and scratching her face. She also said that Marilyn existed only on the screen and that she was Norma Jean.

The trailer also shows Marilyn struggling to walk as she is surrounded by fans and the paparazzi. Her blonde hair is in disarray and so are her clothes as those who surround her try to grab her. The trailer ends with crashing her car, then she runs away wearing a hospital gown and is carried by men who are wearing suits.

The dark trailer hints at the way director Dominik has crafted her persona with ambiguous depictions of the troubled star Marilyn Monroe. Ana de Armas has said that they wanted to narrate the human side of one of the most famous blondes ever, who became invisible when she was Norma.

Netflix will premier Blonde on September 23, 2022.

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