Watch: What does the Queen keep in her handbag? Ask Paddington Bear at the Platinum Jubilee Tea Party

Courtesy Queen Elizabeth II Facebook

Paddington Bear, the beloved British icon, visited Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. In a comic reveal, the Queen removes a marmalade sandwich from her handbag after Paddington Bear offered her one from his hat, where he keeps it. The comic skit drew huge applause from the palace and family as well as the viewers who were watching it, on huge screens outside Buckingham Palace.

This segment starring two beloved British icons was aired at the Platinum Party concert that was held on Saturday, as Platinum Jubilee celebrations continue across London. Thousands watched the concert outside Buckingham Palace while millions watched the celebrations on BBC.

The Queen once again showed her penchant for comedy as she was the star of the show and as Paddington Bear wished her on her jubilee, all viewers who saw the sketch, whether they were British or not might have echoed the beloved bear’s wishes to Queen Elizabeth II on her historic platinum jubilee.

The video shows the popular fictional bear sitting down for tea with the monarch. The setting is as elegant as can be with a beautiful white tablecloth, a teapot and dessert, all that is required for a typical high tea in Britain.

Courtesy Queen Elizabeth II Facebook

Paddington Bear clumsily upsets the arrangements due to his accident prone nature and a teapot goes flying while a dessert splatters on the butler.

Paddington Bear then asks the Queen if she would “like a marmalade sandwich.” He adds, “I always keep one for emergencies.”

The Queen confides to the popular bear, “So do I.” She then proceeds to open her black handbag and says, “I keep mine in here.” She lifts a sandwich out of her bag and adds, “For later.”

Both the beloved British public figures then ended the comic sketch tapping the intro music of “We Will Rock You” on the teacups with spoons, followed by the live concert which played the same song, this time by the original band “Queen.”

Courtesy Queen Elizabeth II Facebook

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