What does celebrity Britney Spears talk about in her latest post

Celebrity pop princess Britney Spears recently shared a lengthy post on Instagram, on April 21 that dealt with several issues. She spoke about her past and present pregnancies, about her ex Kevin Federline and current husband Sam Asghari and also about her infamous nights out with Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. The “Baby One More Time” star, who is still recovering from the aftermath of 13-year conservatorship, posts a lot of videos and anecdotes; some of which have been risqué as well as controversial.

Britney mentions that her husband Sam is messy and that it bothers her but she didn’t mention it to him and pretended that she did didn’t care about the mess. She added a comment about how she pretended that she didn’t care and said that she learned how to do so “from the best…my family.”

(Photo/Credit: Instagram Britney Spears)

Britney also discussed the morning sickness she is feeling as she and Sam are expecting their first baby. She spoke of her past pregnancies and how Kevin Federline refused to see her. However, a recent report by TMZ said that ex Kevin Federline disputed her version and would take action if she didn’t stop spreading a false narrative, as per her ex and his lawyer.

Britney also explained how she had only been out with Paris Hilton, only twice, after delivering her son. However, she said “it was all over the news” like she was a party girl. Instead she said that she was involved with raising her children and let her mother Lynn Spears hold her baby, only once, for five seconds.

The “Toxic” singer also said that she was like a “devil” in her first two pregnancies and this time around she thought that “food” would make her nice and that she would not do cardio.

Britney Spears received an outpouring of love and support from her fans who acknowledged that she has gone through a lot with one of them encouraging her to do whatever made her happy. The 40-year old American singer-songwriter has gone through a lot and we wish a peaceful and happy pregnancy.

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