Which celebrity country singer credited beloved celebrity wife for helping him stay sober


Celebrity country singer Keith Urban has never denied that he has suffered from bouts of alcoholism though he has never opened up much on his addiction, as well. In a recent interview to a popular news outlet, the New Zealand born, Australian singer shared rare details about his alcoholism and how his beloved wife celebrity actor Nicole Kidman helped him towards sobriety. He has also dedicated a ballad to her.

Keith Urban had checked into a rehab center in Nashville, in 1998. About eight years later, he went back to rehab at his wife, celebrity actor Nicole Kidman’s insistence, in 2006, at the Betty Ford Center. When he appeared on the September 2021 cover on Rolling Stone Australia, he had also credited the Eyes Wide Shut actor for his survival as she had opened his eyes about dealing with his alcoholism which he didn’t consider to be serious. He said that she helped him “shake of the shackles of addiction.”

In an interview, with the Times this Sunday, he mentioned that he “had to find a different way to be in the world.” He also said that he was grateful that neither alcoholism nor had sobriety defined his creativity. He said that he was lucky that he “wrote plenty of hit songs while drunk” and “plenty sober.”

The Australian country singer also realized that he was allergic to booze. He had grown up in an alcoholic household and never realized that he was also becoming one until his wife Nicole Kidman intervened. The “Somebody Like You” singer has been married to celebrity actress Nicole Kidman from 15 years. They have two children. Keith Urban also dedicated a ballad called “Thank You” to her.


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Nicole Kidman at the Movie Extra Tropfest 2012.Source Nicole Kidman

The multiple Grammy award winning singer said that he wanted his fans to enjoy themselves. He said that he had nothing against drugs or alcohol. He only wanted his audience to come to his shows and have a “great time.”


Keith Urban is a four-time Grammy winner. The number of his Billboard Country Airplay No. 1 hits is 21. He was featured on Taylor’s version of Fearless on the “From The Vault” track “That’s When.” In 2021, the country legend released his latest album called “The Speed of Now Part 1.”

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