Which CEO has received the highest pay package in 2021? How much is it?

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Many, but not all companies, have released the pay packages of their chief executive officers (CEO) for the year 2021 and the CEO of an advertising technology company is leading the pack. Chief Executive Jeff Green of Trade Desk Inc. has received a pay package that exceeds $800 million. However, it is also important to note that he has signed the Giving Pledge started by Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates (who was Bill Gates’ wife at that point of time) and Warren Buffet, by which billionaires give away the bulk of their fortune, during their lifetimes.

Mr. Green’s pay includes:
$965,000 in salary.
$1 million discretionary bonus.
$2.7 million cash-annual incentive payment.
$1.9 million in company-paid tax costs.

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MyLogIQ LLC reported that Trade Desk put an over $830 million value on its CEO’s pay package. Most of it is as stock option awards that will be given as the stock prices of the Ventura headquartered company rises.

A Trade Desk spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that “these are performance-based options which vest at ambitious price targets.” The spokesman added that major investors were supportive of the grant given to Mr. Green as they would “benefit significantly if these price thresholds are met.”

Jeff Green co-founded Trade Desk in 2009 and has been its CEO, since. He holds 49 percent of the voting power. He has 1.1 percent of Class A shares and 97.7 percent of Class B shares.

According to data obtained by MyLogic LLC, this pay package is much higher than the salaries reported by 358 companies, who reported CEO compensation for 2021, in the S&P 500.

The 45-year old divorced father of three has said that he was a fan of movies and TV shows. He said that some of his favorites ones are Captain Fantastic, Mad Men and This Is Us, according to a report in the FT. He has pledged to give away more than 90 percent of his fortune, in his lifetime, after he signed the Giving Pledge.

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