Which primary GOP hopeful has received Trump endorsement in PA close race? A celebrity

As the battle for Pennsylvania gains steam there is some uncertainty among both the Democrats and the Republicans as the field of candidates is crowded in both parties. However, the GOP has seen two front runners Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity heart surgeon and TV doctor and Dave McCormick, a hedge fund executive. They entered the race after Sean Parnell dropped out after allegations of domestic abuse surfaced. Late Saturday, former president Donald Trump endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Both the candidates had been vying for his endorsement and had their own advantages with regard to proximity with him and his inner circle. As there are weeks left for the primary, both the candidates and party members were waiting for the endorsement. They had already been spending a lot on advertisements as both of them have deep pockets and McCormick reportedly had a slight edge before the endorsement.

In his statement, Trump underlined some of the factors and issues that influenced his endorsement. He said that Dr. Oz was “successful” and had always been “popular, respected and smart.” He also said that Dr. Oz had said that he (Trump) was in “extraordinary health” though the doctor noted that Trump should lose a couple of pounds. Trump said that he liked him more after the above comment was made.

Reports also say that the doctor also has the support of the former first lady Melania Trump. Trump also mentioned that women would support Dr. Oz as they “know him, believe in him, and trust him.”

Jeff Roe, who is a top Republican consultant and works with candidate Dave McCormick, posted a reply to Trump’s endorsement, on Twitter which noted that his client was “going to be the next Senator from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Parnell had also endorsed McCormick. He expressed his disappointment over Trump’s choice and said that Oz would “be very bad for PA.”

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