Who has won the $1.28 billion Mega Millions jackpot? Person from Illinois bought the lottery ticket

On Friday night, the Mega Millions jackpot drew a winning ticket for its $1.28 jackpot. The site said that the winning numbers were 13-36-45-57-67 and the Mega Ball was 14. The Illinois Lottery website also reported that the winning ticket was sold by Speedway on 885 E. Touhy Venue. Speedway will also get a cash bonus of $500,000 while the owner of the winning ticket will collect close to a cool billion after taxes.

The $2 ticket bought by an unknown person, up to the time of publication, has now appeared to have increased in value from from 1.28 billion on Friday night to $1.337 billion, based as per actual sales.

This win is the second largest payout; however, the winner of the lottery ticket, whether it is an individual or a group, can keep their names as well as addresses confidential, in most cases, according to the laws in Illinois.

The largest win for the Mega Millions was on October 23, 2018. The winning ticket, which was from South Carolina, won $1.586 billion. The name of the winner remains unknown.

The reason for the huge payout for the jackpot is that there had been no match of all the five numbers required for the jackpot from the past 29 drawings. The draws are held every Tuesday and Friday, after the last winning ticket in Tennessee that was drawn on April 15.

Director of the Illinois lottery Harold Mays had said that they had not received any information from the lottery ticket’s owner. Mays also said that they were asking their players to check their tickets.

Although the jackpot is $1.33 billion, there are also other winning tickets. These tickets can win owners from as little as $4 to as much as $2 million and are distributed across various states of the nation such as Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, and Pennsylvania.

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