Why Google’s Wearable Market is Much Better Than Amazon’s

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Fitbit and the Apple watch may have some company with Amazon’s new fitness tracker called Halo. The wearable market is estimated to be worth 50 billion dollar this year alone.

Amazon recently announced the new health app called Halo. It looks to compete with Fitbit, Apple, and Google wearables.

Google Fit maintains an amazingly simple and clean interface that is  compatible app with the Android system and other fitness and health apps. You just download it to your Android or iOS and within seconds your phone becomes the hardware for the app. The app lets you monitor your movements and heart rates which are the metrics you need in order to get fit and healthy. Tracking your biometric data allows the app to collect additional information  from other devices such a smart watches, bathroom scales that have smart technology,  and fitness trackers. The more information you enter into the app. the better data will give you to improve your health and fitness.

Amazon is also late to the game. Other fitness trackers already have a loyal user base where those that have have already stored all their apps and data and don’t want to have to switch over and lose the information they currently have with Google Fit.

” Halo will not tie in to Apple’s HealthKit or Google’s Fit App which puts it at a disadvantage with people who are already deeply invested in either for health tracking.” Source CNET

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