Why is celebrity comedian Chris Rock silent on the Oscars slap and Will Smith

Although several celebrities including comedian Chris Rock’s brother have weighed in on the resounding slap that was given to him by actor Will Smith due to an ill conceived joke, at the,recent Oscars. Chris Rock has maintained a profound silence though he said at a show that he was processing it. Now, there’s an update where he mentioned that more revelations will follow after he receives cold, hard cash.

On Friday night, the comedian appeared at a show at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. Although he didn’t allude to slapgate (the incident where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair style), the comedian later clarified that he was unaware that she suffered from Alopecia, a hair condition where clumps of hair reportedly fall off leaving bald patches.

According to a report in the Desert Sun Chris said, “I’m OK. I have a whole show and I am not talking about that until I get paid. Life is good. I got my hearing back.”

Although he didn’t clarify further there has been a lot of speculation swirling around about what he meant when he spoke of not talking about the incident until he got “paid.”

Chris has not clarified on how he is expecting to get paid. If he is expecting to get paid for a sit-down interview, it possible that almost every major network in the nation must have already approached him to get the scoop and be the one who puts forth the breaking news, unless they haven’t offered him enough.

The other factor is that he might be hoping to cash out on a civil suit. Chris Rock was extremely gracious not to file a suit against Will Smith for the slap, although the Los Angeles Police Department was present. However, he could still file a civil suit.


The third option is that the comedian is joking, as usual. He does have a sense of humor that is sometimes unpredictable.

So, we have to wait and see if Chris Rock gets “paid” through whichever means and whether he will break his silence before or after getting paid.

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