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Why Is Genius Brand NASDAQ (GNUS) A Good Buy?


Genius Brands International is a Global publicly traded company on the NASDAQ: (GNUS)  that creates animated and licensed entertainment content for children. Their portfolio features enrichment and entertainment with “Content for a Purpose” for children in the toddler to tweens age groups.

Genius Brands International and Samsung Strike Deal a for Kartoon Channel! To Be Carried Across Samsung Smart TV’s, Effective Immediately.Genius Brands content can be seen on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Dish, Swing,Cox Android google Play app, Apple TV , Comcast Xfinity and YouTube to name a few.

Additionally, Genius Brands added more family-friendly gaming content, including Minecraft’s Journey to the End and Fairy Horse Quest, Octodad, PixArk, and soon to be released ,Tankee,  and Big B Roblox Challenge. Genius Brands premiers on the Kartoon Channel  in Q1 2021  with the comedy-adventure series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, in pre-production and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Genius Brands International has enormous upside potential.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now a significant investor in Genius Brands stock after receiving warrants on the stock advanced against his profit participation in the animated children’s series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten. Walmart sells the Rainbow Rangers’ toy line from Mattel, hundreds of other product SKUs coming to retail over the next year.

Additional Rainbow Rangers branded products at retail include two DVDs from Distribution Solutions available at Walmart and Target stores across the US and available  at Amazon; costumes and accessories at online retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, Party City, and; apparel from Bentex on Amazon; storybooks from Macmillan Publishing at,, and Barnes & Noble; bicycles from Dynacraft at and Kohl’; and stationery items from Inkology on Amazon.

There has been  a lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit continues to allege that Genius Brands made false and misleading statements about Nickelodeon’s claimed broadcast expansion of Genius Brands’ Rainbow Rangers cartoon, as well as its growth potential and overall prospects as a company.

Genius Brands International’s response: The allegations lack merit, and we intend to defend the case vigorously. In the meanwhile, we remain focused on executing against our strategy and creating real value for Genius Brands shareholders. Source : Genius Brands International

But don’t let a potentially frivolous lawsuit pull you away from making an investment in the company- The stock traded an enormously high volume of shares on Friday October 9th, 2020.

53.91m shares traded .  52 Week Low/high 0.05 – 11.73 DAY LOW/HIGH 1.31 – 1.45

Genius Brands holds $55 million in cash on its balance sheet and ZERO debt.

GNUS has seen its stock manipulated by the shorts, most notably- Citron and Hindenburg Research. Shorting selling is an investment or trading strategy that speculates on the decline in a stock or other securities price. Shorts can make a lot of money trading on bad news. And, you never know who is really starting lawsuits for unethical reasons playing games to make massive amounts of money on Wall Street.

The CEO Andy Heyward is highly experienced in the entertainment industry. The last company he managed was a sold to Disney. We believe that Apple, Sony, Netflix, Disney or Amazon could buy the company. It is a strong takeover target with much upside potential.

Why did hedge funds buy over 22 million shares when the price dropped from $11 to under $2?

Why is someone loading up on October call options?

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger elect to receive warrants to purchase shares of the Company’s common stock as an advance against his profit participation in the new animated children’s series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten?

Why is the company putting in place an incentive plan for senior management and employees?

Why is CEO Andy Heyward one of the company’s largest shareholders? Why did he buy 11.6 million shares last quarter?

They are all betting on a higher share price!

The company has a strong management team. Marc Rosenberg, one of the most well-respected marketers in the children’s space, has been appointed President of Global Brands and Chief Marketing Officer. Rosenberg was  former Head of Marketing at Hasbro Toys and Tiger Electronics. Marc Rosenberg, one of the most well-respected marketers in the children’s space: Genius Brands International

CWEB Analysts view NASDAQ (GNUS) as a long term growth and a great addition to your investment portfolio with an upward momentum of $10- $15 by 2021 with potential of direct take over target and expanding worldwide licensing distributions.

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