Why was there a loaded gun on the set of Rust when Baldwin was told ‘Cold gun?’

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Alec Baldwin continues to feel distraught over shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins although he heard “Cold gun” shouted by Dave Halls who was the first assistant director of the movie ‘Rust.’ Minutes before the tragic accident three prop guns were placed on a cart by Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who is the armorer on the set.

The Daily Mail exclusively reported that first assistant director Dave Halls picked up one of the firearms. It was a vintage-style Colt revolver. He did not know that it was loaded with live bullets. He shouted “Cold gun!” This phrase is used by to signal to both the cast and the crew that the gun was safe to fire, according to the warrant, released on Friday.

Alec Baldwin, who was filming a scene inside an old church, fired a round towards the camera. The actor did not know that it was a live round. The round hit and killed Hutchins as she filmed him. It also injured director Joel Souza, on the shoulder, as he stood behind her when the fatal accident took place.

The warrant noted that a single bullet hit Hutchins in the chest. The same bullet struck Souza on the shoulder. It can be inferred that the bullet traveled all the way through the cinematographer’s body and then hit the director.

After firing the gun, Baldwin asked the crew the reason for handing him a “hot gun.” A hot gun is a gun that contains live bullets.

Hutchins was then airlifted to a hospital but was pronounced dead. Souza reached the hospital in an ambulance. He was discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

The armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who is daughter of the famous Hollywood armorer Thell Reed, took the gun as well as a spent casing. These were handed over to the police. Baldwin also gave his Western costume that he was wearing, to the police. It was stained with blood.

The investigators used the warrant, issued on Friday, to document the scene at the ranch where the shooting took place.

When asked for comment repeatedly by the Daily Mail, there was no response from Rust Production LLC. Many questions remain unanswered as of now and it is hoped that they would be answered during the course of the investigation to avoid such accidents in future.


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