Will T-commerce take off as Walmart and Roku join together to stream shopping ads

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T-commerce, selling products through television ads, has been around from decades, maybe from when televisions became a popular and common household item. However, selling merchandise through TV was cumbersome as credit card information had to be entered each time a consumer wanted to shop for an item displayed on the TV screen. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer and Roku, an extremely popular streaming service have joined together to make shopping easier using your television screen and credit card.

Roku and Walmart have reached an exclusive deal that will enable viewers to buy products from Walmart with a few clicks, if they have already entered their card information on Roku. The streaming platform will display ads that can be used for shopping on its platform. Since, credit card information is already available the process of T-commerce would be simple and quick.

Viewers on the streaming platform have to click “OK” using their remote, when they see merchandise they want to buy, on ads featuring Walmart products. The click on these ads will take them to checkout. As their details are already available on RokuPay, viewers have to tap “OK” on the Walmart checkout page and the order is placed. Viewers/shoppers receive an email with details such as confirmation of purchase at Walmart, shipping and return information as well as support.

William White, the chief marketing officer at Walmart said that the giant retailer was working with customers to connect them to their merchandise, where they were already spending time. This would shorten “the distance from discovery and inspiration to purchase.”

White also noted that no retail company had “cracked the code around video shoppability.” Walmart was the first retailer “to bring customers a new shoppable experience” as they worked together with Roku. He also said that customers will experience “a seamless checkout on the largest screen in their homes—their TV.”



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