World’s fastest person Usain Bolt partners with world’s fastest growing tech Web3 through Step App

Photo Usain Bolt Instagram

On July 21, 2022, a lightning partnership between the world’s fastest sprinter and the fastest growing technology Web3 occurred. Usain Bolt, considered by many as the greatest sprinter of all times has partnered with StepApp, the FitFi platform, which is a pioneer in Web3. This coming together of physical and virtual speed and growth is expected to encourage consumers to earn, while they exercise their way to economic freedom.

Step App announced an official launch of its private beta together with 8-time gold medallist Usain Bolt. The gamified fitness app on the metaverse partnering with 11-time World Champion sprinter will enhance the reach of blockchain economy and Web3 as it expands horizons.

Step App also posted on social media that it had a goal of reaching 10 million users. In its post on Twitter the app also said that Usain Bolt, the fastest sprinter in the world was the “official face” of their mission to reach 10 million users.

Step App aims to give its pre-signed users, who currently amount to more than 20 million, a platform that would allow them to do the following:
socialize and
Those who use the Step App will earn KCAL tokens depending on the number of steps they take.

Photo Usain Bolt Instagram

Web3 and the metaverse is moving beyond finance and is embracing lifestyle, fitness as well as play as a diverse group of global conglomerates have started to invest in the metaverse and Web3.

The private beta of StepApp is now open and the company said that access will be available to the public soon, on Android and iOS. It is the first product on what will be a larger Step ecosystem in future. Step App is considering to be the first on Web3 to value products beyond finance. A partnership with the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt who said that they were “just getting started” and Step App could lead to bigger achievements in Web3 and blockchain. The partnership has a shared goal of boosting a healthier lifestyle for millions using Web3 and blockchain, which are emerging as the strongest technologies of the future.

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