Zen, Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott’s son, dies of a brain tumor at five months


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On Tuesday, actor Nick Cannon announced that his five-month old son Zen had died. The toddler had a brain tumor and had died over the weekend. Cannon mentioned that he took a turn for the worse around Thanksgiving.

On Tuesday, the actor spoke of the unfolding tragedy as he broke down in tears. He said that when Zen was just two months old, he and Zen’s mother model Alyssa Scott noticed that his head was large. He had referred to it as a “Cannon head.” They thought that he might have sinus. They took him to the doctor for what they believed to be as a routine checkup.

The doctor’s visit proved to be earthshaking as baby Zen was found to have a brain tumor. Brain surgery was performed and a shunt was put in to drain the fluid. However, recently, things took a turn for the worse.

Cannon addressed his viewers with poignancy on “The Nick Cannon Show” as he told them that he had made an effort that weekend to spend “the most quality time with Zen.” The 41-year old father of seven, including Zen, said he and Alyssa woke up on Sunday and took him to the ocean.

He then had to fly back from California to New York for his show. On the way to the airport, he got a call that he should head back to see Zen. He said that he had to turn around and not only did they “get to see the sunrise” but they also “got to see the sun set too.”

He recounted the emotional moments when he held his son for the last time over the weekend. He said, “You can’t heal until you feel.” The comedian said that he was back at work soon after the tragic death of his son as working in show business was all that he knows. He called Tuesday’s episode a “celebration of life” in honor of his son Zen.

After Nick Cannon shared the tragic news of his five-month old son’s untimely demise, Alyssa Scott shared a photo of Zen on her Instagram Story. Zen was in her arms and his eyes were closed.

RIP Baby Zen.


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