Zoom-call mishaps can be get you fired.


It has been reported after a study by Vyopta Inc., which helps companies manage their workplace collaboration and communication systems, also found that executives don’t completely trust a third of their staff to perform up to par when working remotely.

Almost one in four executives let go  or gave disciplinary action an employee   for slipping up during a video or audio conferencing, or a virtual meeting. The study reported that 200 managers at large companies supported the fact. 200 executives  C-Suite  vice president level or CEOs were studies at various companies with at least 500 employees.

In a new era of remote work many employees are still working remotely as the COVID-19 pandemic stay at home preference is still ongoing. Companies are still allowing workers to work remotely and or letting them choose to come to the office or stay at home and conduct meetings on companies such as Zoom.

Zoom reported the increase of participants in virtual zoom calls work about 10 million per day at the end of 2019, an increase to 300 million in April of last year. The surge is due to companies holding off on plans to keep offices open and keep employees on virtual networks from home.

Crazy things can happen as you remember when legal analyst from CNN Jeffrey Toobin got fired for mistakenly exposing himself. Sometimes people are not adept at muting themselves as either they are not familiar with the technology, or they just forget.

Zoom Video Communications reported disappointing sales forecast that made it shares fall 16% this past Tuesday.

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