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Tony Medley is a columnist, and MPAA-accredited film critic His reviews are published in The Larchmont Chronicle, Telicom Magazines, The Tolucan Times, CWEB.com, robinhoodnews.com, on rottentomatoes.com, the Movie Review Query Engine, and at www.tonymedley.com. Tony Medley holds the rank of Silver life Master, is an American Contract Bridge League Club Director, and has won regional and sectional titles.

Tony Medley is an attorney. He received his B.S. from UCLA, where he was sports editor of UCLA’s Daily Bruin, and his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. He is the author of three books, UCLA Basketball: The Real Story, Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed, the first book ever written on the interview for the interviewee.It is still in print after more than thirty years, and has sold over a half million copies, and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bridge, which has sold over 100,000 copies. He is an American Contract Bridge League Silver Life Master and an ACBL accredited director.

Jacque O’Jadidi is the President & CEO of CWEB News. He graduated from the European Technology and Mathematics School where he was a Road Scholar. He wasamong the top 5 five graduates in the entire university.
After graduating ahead of time at the age of 16, he passed the medical exam and was admitted to medical school. After two years in medical school at the age of 18, Mr. O’Jadidi came to the US for travel and to continue his education.

Mr. O’Jadidi was fascinated by the entrepreneurship and the opportunity to create new businesses in America and decided to start an online business. His first successful venture was FreeShippingNetwork. Mr. Ojadidi was the first person to introduce free shipping on the internet. His first entrepreneurial venture was in 1999, when he founded Free Shipping Network, a retail business specializing in the distribution of hardware and software.

Within a year of its founding, the company reached over 2 million in sales. By the second year, total sales were over 25 million. The companies sold hardware and peripherals to retail, buyers educational departments and the U.S government including NASA and the Department of Defense.

A few years later, he started CWEB.com, a news media company that reports U.S and International news in categories such as sports, business, technology, politics, entertainment and more, with highly targeted classified advertising.
He built a silicone watch brand called Paris Watch with offices in the US, Canada, Japan and the European Union. Mr. O’Jadidi also owns ParisJewelry a major wholesaler and manufacturer of fine designer jewelry specializing in diamonds, gemstones, gold, platinum, silver jewelry and watches.

Jacque O’Jadidi is also the President and CEO of OrganicGreek, a health and nutrition company. OrganicGreek has a patent pending for its Organic Greek Vitamin Bottles. Hydrogen Alkaline Generator Water + Filter 4 In 1 Design. It converts normal tap water into alkaline & hydrogen rich mineral drinking water, which is fresh, tastes good and is also healthy.

Jacque O’Jadidi is a successful entrepreneur with the desire to perpetuate a philosophy and belief in charitable giving. Philanthropy and charitable giving have played a major role in his life. Giving back to the community through charitable donations and to show appreciation and support for those in need, remains an everlasting part of his philosophy.

Jacque O’Jadidi is also a polyglot and is proficient in six languages. He has been a keen sportsman and still enjoys a game of chess, when time permits. He also continues to build his business by adding new ventures such as robinhoodnews.com, dailyshocker.com, webfans.comrobinhoodsports.com and more.

Leslie Cohen is the Managing Editor of Health & Lifestyle. She oversees headline news, manages writing staff, and produces breaking news stories daily. She was a CBS News Los Angeles Local contributing writer for fashion, business and local events. Leslie also worked at the Clear Voice agency as a copywriter for B2C and B2B companies as well as a producer and editor overseeing other writers. She has over 20 years of experience with consumer startups, media companies, and an agency, and also owns her own digital marketing company AZ Publishers.

Leslie was also the National Sales Manager for Free Software Shipping in 1999 where she helped the company reach 25 million in sales, with Mr. O’Jadidi.

Leslie attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. She is highly knowledgeable about data analytics, SEO, and creative direction. She keeps up with current courses in her industry which include Poynter Institute: Hands-on Fact-checking. Poynter Institute: Legal Issues and Your Media Company, HubSpot Content Marketing Course, and Google Advanced Google Analytics—completed in Sept2019, and Intro to UX Design to name a few.

Ashok Kumar CTO leads the company’s technology function and the strategic design, acquisition, management and implementation of an enterprise-wide technology infrastructure. He directs the activities necessary to keep the technology infrastructure running seamlessly, efficiently, and effectively while ensuring compliance with established standards and policies.

He identifies technological trends and evolving social behavior that may support or impede the success of the business. He consults with department heads in trading, operations, compliance and works with portfolio managers as an advisor of technologies that improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Inara Hasanali has been a content creator from the past two decades. Although she completed a Master’s in Food and Management Science from King’s College, she has always exhibited artistic ability; getting an excellent grade for biology drawings and creating a unique product as part of her MSc. project. She has won essay and quiz competitions through school and college and was an athlete during her school years.

Inara Hasanali has appeared as a nutrition consultant on World Space Radio. She has published two books with a traditional publisher and also writes fiction, when time permits. She has been an integral part of Cweb News as well as other ventures with CEO Mr. O’Jadidi.