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Amazon delivery driver beats 67-year old woman on Live Video amid altercation on delayed delivery

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There was a violent altercation between a 21-year old female Amazon delivery driver who beat a 67-year old woman. The woman had been waiting for a delivery and complained about the delay. This made the Amazon delivery driver mention that the she should check on her white privilege. This made the woman call the 21-year driver a b***h. The driver got enraged and beat the woman several times.


Doug Smith, the owner of the apartment complex, where the incident occurred related the series of events to KTVU-TV. He said that the victim, who is still too shaken to release her name, was waiting at the lobby to get her package. But, it was not there.


The lady asked the Amazon driver Ramirez about the package. Ramirez said that it would arrive soon. However, after about 15 minutes when the lady enquired about the package, once again. Ramirez reportedly said something about “white privilege.”




Then Smith said that his tenant had said told Ramirez that she needn’t be “a b****h” about it. She then turned around and walked away. This enraged Ramirez who beat the woman several times in the head and the upper body.


Surveillance footage both outside and inside the apartment complex captured the altercation and the beatings. The victim has reportedly suffered from a broken nose and has a few other visible injuries.


On Friday, the sheriff’s office said that 21-year old Itzel Ramirez, the Amazon driver was arrested. She had been filmed assaulting a woman in Alameda County. Ramirez claimed that she was acting in self-defense. She will be arraigned on Monday and the bail amount has been set at $100,000. The charges against Ramirez are two counts of elder abuse and battery involving serious injury.


Amazon released a statement which said that the driver would no longer be employed by the e-commerce retailer. They also said that the incident did not reflect the high standards that they had for the drivers who delivered their packages.


Amazon delivery drivers and workers face long hours and low wages. Although there is absolutely no condoning of physical abuse against anyone especially the elderly, workers need to be trained to avoid difficult situations that arise due to delay in deliveries. They have to be trained to maintain their cool in such situations as a part of their job as such situations could arise once too often.

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