Amazon’s Twitch breached by hackers: source codes, user payouts, product development leaked

On Wednesday, Video Games Chronicle (VGC) website reported that an anonymous hacker had breached Amazon’s Twitch. The hacker claimed that the entire information including payouts, source code and more has been obtained after the hack that was posted on 4chan.

The user obtained the data reportedly by breaching the Twitch platform. A 125GB torrent link was posted to 4chan on Wednesday. The user stated that the leak had been made so that there would be more “disruption and competition in the online video streaming space.” The user also said that “their community” was a “disgusting toxic cesspool.”

The breached data posted online was a huge cache of proprietary information. It reportedly included the entire source code of the Amazon owned streaming platform from its early beginnings with comments. It also contained payout reports to creators from 2019.

The leaked link also contained proprietary SDKs, internal AWS services, IGDB and CurseForge from Twitch. Information about an Amazon Game Studio product codenamed Vapor which was unreleased and would have been a competitor for Valve Corp.’s Steam, was also posted in the link

Other information posted included clients’ lists of mobile, desktop and console clients of Twitch. Ironically the hacker also posted the streaming platform’s internal “red teaming tools.” These tools were designed to improve the security of the platform. Staff used these tools to pretend to be hackers, while an actual hacker breached these tools as well.

Twitch users have been advised to use two-factor authentication if they have a Twitch account as one Twitter said that the torrent link included encrypted passwords.

Twitch confirmed to VGC and multiple outlets in a tweet that a breach had taken place and that their teams were urgently working to understand its extent. It noted that it would update the community as soon as additional information was available. It also thanked everyone for bearing with them.

Twitch, a video game streaming platform was bought by Amazon in 2014 in an almost one billion deal. The site focuses on videos. It also livestreams games for video enthusiasts.


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