Apple asks suppliers to manufacture more phones and its share price rises


According to people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported that Apple has asked its suppliers to manufacture 90 million next generation iPhones in 2021. This is a huge increase from its 2020 shipment which was 75 million phones. Apple shares saw an increase in value on Wednesday. Chipmakers in Taiwan who supply to Apple also saw their share price rise after Apple raised its output for 2021 from 1.3 to up to 9 percent. Citigroup also upgraded Apple’s profit estimates.


The tech giant usually ships 75,000 units of its iPhones. This is the first time the company has  increased its shipment numbers by 15 million and the reasons for this additional shipment from the Cupertino, California tech company might be as follows:


  • The iPhone 13 will be the first phone from Apple after the vaccine rollout and this may be a reason for a greater demand for the phone.
  • The phone will come with 5G upgrades, and this could lead to higher sales.
  • Smartphone maker Huawei is facing sanctions and so many of its customers could migrate to Apple.


The new and improved Apple phone will also have features that could propel its growth. When asked for comment about new or improved features by Bloomberg an Apple spokesperson declined to comment. The tech giant never confirms or denies rumors that swirl around the launch of new products  every year.


This year Apple is expected to launch its phones in September as the supply chain is recovering. Last year, the launch was postponed to October due to the pandemic. The following models have been registered for 2021:


  • D16
  • D17
  • D63
  • D64


Apple could also launch the following products later this year including:


  • new MacBook Pro laptops
  • a redesigned iPad mini
  • entry level iPad models
  • updated Apple Watches


Come September, all the new products should be available with a few additions or deletions mentioned above.

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