Apple upgrades in June include changes in Notifications, Home Screen and iOS 15


As June 7 approaches Apple is planning to launch several software updates at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Sources, who wish to remain anonymous, say that changes will be incorporated in iOS 15 and iPad OS15 so that iPhones and iPads can incorporate them. The software updates are reportedly codenamed Sky.


The Cupertino based company would most probably make the following changes or upgrades in its mobile software:


  • An upgrade on handling notifications
  • A new design on the Home Screen
  • An upgrade on the Lock Screen
  • Increased privacy protection


Every year, the Californian based giant launches software updates to keep its Apple family together. This also results in additional purchases or additional sales of its devices as its family looks at these updates and wants to buy new devices that support them.


Some of the changes include enhanced privacy protections. Users will be able to see the information that apps are silently collecting. This feature will show the special trackers on apps that collect location details and phone numbers of users.


Apple users will be allowed to place widgets on Home Screens. These widgets will give users updates on the weather, on stocks, on appointments and other personalized features. The standard home grid can contain only widgets, if a user wishes to add them.


Notifications will have a new menu. The selection will include options like driving, working or sleeping. Custom notifications may also be categorized. Users can see access these notifications in

  • The updated Lock Screen
  • The Control Center
  • The iPhone or iPad’s menu


Other notifications include Do Not Disturb, Sleep and more. There will also be a set of auto reply messages that can be used depending on status.


Apple is also planning to upgrade the iMessage for future competition with social media networks such as WhatsApp bit sources say that this is in the developmental stage.


An Apple spokesperson declined to reply when asked for comment.

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