Arnold Schwarzenegger donates $250,000 to build tiny veteran homes in LA

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, decided to ring in Christmas early for a few vets in Los Angeles. He donated $250,000 from his personal funds to build 25 tiny homes in the City of Angels. These homes have been built for homeless veterans so that they need not live in tents, while they wait for permanent housing and other services.

On Thursday, the movie icon and former governor tweeted that he had celebrated Christmas early. He said that the “25 homes” that he had “donated for homeless veterans were installed here in LA.” He added that it was fantastic to spend time with “our heroes” and to welcome them to their new homes.

Schwarzenegger also spoke of how he was inspired to donate after seeing a news report. The report had stated that a tent encampment that was occupied by many homeless veterans had been removed by the city of Los Angeles and the occupants had been given tiny homes to live in. Many of the veterans personally thanked Arnold Schwarzenegger including veteran Bruce Henry Cooper.

On Thursday, the Village for Vets, the nonprofit that is responsible for these tiny homes in LA said that Schwarzenegger’s donation of 250,000 had “made it possible” for them “purchase and build the remaining 25 shelters” at the site of the Care and Treatment Rehabilitative Services (CTRS) of the Los Angeles Veteran Association.

The website of the non profit says that donations made to Village for Vets is used to make tiny shelters for vets. These little homes provide a better standard of living when compared with tent encampments. They have a furnished bed, heat, electricity and air conditioning. These homes help veterans as they wait for permanent residences.

Kansas City, Missouri has a similar village for vets. They have an innovative community of 49 tiny houses for homeless vets. All these homes meet local city code requirements. They are connected to city utility services.

These non profit organizations also provides sanctuary and emotional space for vets. They address the underlying causes of homelessness and assists vets to find a permanent housing solution for themselves. When they do, the vets are allowed to take the contents of their tiny homes as they transition to their new residences.




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