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Bezos Blasted By Europeans After Amazon Praises Marcus Rashford’s Man United Efforts To Feed Kids


CEO of tech giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos came under fire when Amazon tweeted praise for Man United footballer Marcus Rashford. Rashford has been in the news for the right reasons. The English footballer has been putting in immense efforts to secure free meals for school children in the UK.


Bezos is immensely wealthy but supposedly indifferent to world hunger. Amazon Prime Video Sports called Rushford “a national hero” as he’s been promoting organizations that offer free meals, using his huge social media following, during the October school break.


Twitter commentators were aghast by the sheer hypocrisy of the tweet. They noted that Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, could not only feed hungry children in the UK but also feed them globally. One tweet called accused him of “deciding not to end world hunger” and while another tweet called Amazon a “tax-dodging mega-corporation.””  Some tweets mocked the emoji use by the company.


Many tweets spoke of tax avoidance issues by Amazon and said that Amazon and Bezos should pay their “fair share” of  taxes. Ironically Bezos has been a “pandemic profiteer. His fortune has skyrocketed to almost $200 billion dollars.


Source: RT

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Also to be NOTED Jeff Bezos Amazon didn’t refund the Amazon Prime Membership Fee during the beginning of the pandemic and other companies including insurance companies have refunded partial premiums to their customers. Movie Companies like Netflix and Gym companies have also refunded or frozen their memberships to!

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