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Biden calls gun violence menace in the U.S. ‘an epidemic’


On Thursday, President Joe Biden announced a set of executive actions to reduce gun violence which has been prevalent across the nation. He asked Congress to help the administration pass broader and stricter gun legislation.


There has been an outbreak of gun shootings across the nation in the recent pass. On Thursday, five people were shot in South Carolina. In less than a month there have been several fatal shootings in Georgia, Colorado and California.


In a Rose Garden speech Biden said, “This is an epidemic, for God’s sake, and it has to stop.”


The White House is taking action and asking the Department of Justice to frame a rule that could tackle the spread of untraceable “ghost guns.” These guns are assembled from kits. They often lack serial numbers; so, it is difficult to trace them. The White House is asking the DOJ to frame this rule within a month.


It has also asked the department to set a rule with two months that makes it clear the point at which a stabilizing arm brace effectively converts a pistol into a short barreled rifle, subjecting that firearm to face additional regulations


It also wants the department to craft model “red flag” legislation within two months that states can follow. This law will allow law enforcement officers or family members to stop someone from getting guns under specific circumstances. The White House believes that model legislation can simplify the process for states to pass their own types of laws.


The White House also want the DOJ to present a detailed report on gun trafficking.


President Biden also wants Congress to end the huge immunity that the arms and ammunitions industry has which prevents it from getting sued. He believes that Congress should remove the immunity that gun manufacturers receive and that’s the one thing on his list that he would ask the Lord for, if he got the opportunity to do so.

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