Biden’s proposed Covid relief package to have $1400 stimulus checks and additional funds for vaccinations



In a prime time address on Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden announced a $1.9 trillion relief package. This package would include stimulus checks, funds for welfare and small businesses and funds to expand the current vaccination program which is slow and is currently unable to decrease the spread of the coronavirus,


Biden is asking for approval and support from the newly elected Congress members for his “America Rescue Plan.” This ambitious plans seeks to address almost all the major current issues plaguing America.


Biden said, “We have to act and act now.”


The plan has a $416 billion allotment to help launch a national vaccine program. The goal is to vaccinate 100 million Americans and to reopen schools in 100 days of office.


An extra $1 trillion dollars would be set aside for stimulus checks to be distributed for a third time. The eligible recipients will get $1400 as direct payments. An extra $400 per week will be disbursed to the unemployed and other workers.

Biden could ask Congress to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. This step will

help front-line workers who have been the mainstay of the economy but haven’t got rewards for their hard work despite working through the pandemic.


Billions will also be set aside to help small businesses including those owned by minorities and low income families. Funds will be allocated for rent relief and to help the disadvantaged get access to child care and adequate nutrition through federal programs.


Biden has indicated that he wants a relief bill by the end of January. This could be difficult as the Senate will be busy with the upcoming impeachment trial.

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