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Celebrity Jerry Hall and news magnate Rupert Murdoch finalize divorce, to remain ‘friends’

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On August 11, famous celebrity model Jerry Hall and chairman of News Corporation Rupert Murdoch have finalized their divorce. The celebrity couple released a joint statement through their lawyers. Rupert Murdoch who is 91, and Jerry Hall, who is 66, got married in London, six years ago. It was a church wedding and was his fourth while it was technically her first marriage.

The divorce petition was filed in a court in California. It cited that there were “irreconcilable differences” between them.

The joint statement from Robert S. Cohen, Rupert Murdoch’s lawyer and Judy Poller, Jerry Hall’s lawyer stated: “Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch have finalized their divorce, They remain good friends and wish each other the best for the future.”

There had been reports that the breakup of the marriage had some drama behind it. The 91-year old media baron had alleged ended their relationship through an email. His wife Jerry Hall had been waiting for her husband to arrive from the U.K. Instead, she received an email that said that he wanted to end the marriage.

Other reports also said that Jerry Hall also created some drama of her own when she allegedly hired a former Metropolitan Police Officer to serve him divorce papers. The former anti-terrorism officer is said to have served the billionaire CEO when he was at RAF Brize Norton, U.K., after he had attended his granddaughter’s wedding that took place, near the base.

There is no information available whether the former model Jerry Hall had signed a prenup before she married Rupert Murdoch. However, what remains significant is that the divorce was filed in California, which is a community property state. Any property acquired during the marriage is split 50-50 by default.

Legal experts and observers had said that it would be better for Rupert Murdoch to settle the case rather than continue to provide fodder for the gossip mills. The recent statement by the attorneys of the celebrity couple show that they seem to have reached an amicable settlement and avoided continuing to make headlines in tabloids and media outlets.


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